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U.S. & Texas Law Shield

Firearms Legal Defense Program

A Legal Services Company, dedicated to preserving 2nd Amendment rights for all legal gun owners in

our country and ensuring legal representation for our members who ever have to use a firearm or any lawful weapon.

"I am a certified Texas Law Shield Firearms Instructor but before that, I was a customer.  From the first moment I saw the program explained, I knew it was what I had been looking for.  Texas / U.S. Law Shield will be there when you need them the most... after the bang!  Don't hesitate, join today and be covered today.

In addition to the legal coverage the thing I like most are the education programs.  Knowledge is power and TLS does a great job at educating it's members with the information that's makes us all better gun owners."


Bill Robertson, Texas CHL and NRA Firearms Instructor

After the BANG! ... What's Next?


U.S. & Texas Law Shield

Member Benefits

  •     Coverage If You Use a Gun, Whether You Pull the Trigger or Not
  •     24/7 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline
  •     Legal Representation Anywhere in Texas for Criminal and Civil Proceedings
  •     Updates on Firearms Laws
  •     Special Offers Only Available to Our Members
  •     Multi-state Coverage Available For All 50 States
  •     Bail/Bond Coverage Up To $25,000
  •     Not A Useless Reimbursement Scheme
  •     All Legal Weapons Now Covered!

Program Overview

If You Use a Firearm Or Any Legal Weapon Under Our Program You Will Receive...


Zealous Legal Representation

If you “use” a firearm or any legal weapon in your membership state under the U.S. Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Program, our program attorneys will represent you in any legal proceeding (criminal or civil), for zero attorneys’ fees. This includes all criminal charges arising from a “use” of a gun or any legal weapon.


  •     All Police Investigations
  •     All Pretrial Proceedings
  •     Trial, both Criminal and Civil


24/7/365 Attorney Answered Emergency Hotline

The 24/7/365 firearms emergency hotline is always answered by an attorney who is a member of the U.S. Law Shield Firearms Program. It is available exclusively to our Members – when you call, you are talking to your firearms program attorneys.


 Member ID Card with Emergency Hotline Number.








What you tell your firearms program attorney is fully confidential.


Non-Emergency Access to Your Firearms Program Attorneys

If you have a firearms legal question, call us, we are here to help.


Coverage Options

 No Firearm Carry Permit? No problem.

If you don’t have a handgun carry permit issued by your state or concealed carry permit, you are eligible for the Firearms Program that covers you anywhere in your membership state where you can legally possess a firearm without a license. This program also includes coverage for the use of all other legal weapons.


What’s Not Covered

While our services are quite comprehensive, the following are not covered: appeals, expert witness fees, governmental fees of any type, investigator fees, or bail bonds.


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This site is provided as an affiliate link by Big Texas Firearms Training, a Texas Law Shield Certified Instructor. Class Completion: 3/26/15